Policies/General Info


The minimum age for working Sonshine Security is 16 years old AS OF JULY 1.



A ONETIME deposit/fee of $25 is required in order to secure an interview.  It is used to cover expenses (supplies, major purchases, staff meetings, interviews, postage, mileage, internet and web site costs, and the the annual Sonshine Party, etc) and to insure us of your commitment to be at your interview and Sonshine.

A portion of your deposit will be deducted for being more than 10 minutes late to any meeting or shift. Fines can also be assessed for improper conduct. (See CODE OF

What? I have to know ALL this?

What? I have to know ALL this?

CONDUCT) Any fines against your deposit MUST be paid before you’re allowed to work security again, either at Sonshine or any other local concert. Your deposit MUST be in good standing BEFORE your sign-up for Joyful Noise or Sonshine will be accepted.

The deposit/fee covers you for as many CONSECUTIVE years as you desire to work Sonshine Security, but is also NON-REFUNDABLE. Should you decide to skip ONE YEAR working, your deposit is still good upon your return, but there are no absolute guarantees a spot on the crew will be available since the previous years crew gets first spots. Past Sonshine Security crew members are always welcome to return, but skipping MORE than one year will REQUIRE another deposit of $25 BEFORE you would be able to work Sonshine. You are NOT required to fill out an Application or Interview again but I would like to talk with you by phone. Sign-up like any of the current security on March 1 but your deposit is due by April 15.

If you cancel BEFORE JULY 1st for ANY reason after agreeing to work any given year, your deposit will be forfeited, and you will need to pay another $25 deposit in order to return the following year. To cancel AFTER JULY 1, or be a NO-SHOW at Sonshine will require an additional $10, or a total of $35 to get your deposit back in good standing.



Applications are taken online year round on this web site using the Application Tab. They are stored until February, at which point all Applicants are e-mailed and asked to send in the $25 deposit in order to schedule an Interview. Interviews are conducted the first two Saturdays in April before a panel of 5-6 Supervisors.  Crew members are chosen from the Interview process the week following the second week of Interviews.

As stated earlier, a $25 deposit is required to secure an Interview time slot.  Filling out an Application is NOT enough to make the crew.  The deadline for submitting a deposit for your Interview is April 1.  If you’ve waited too long and missed the April 1 deadline to get your deposit into my hands we may not be able to  schedule you for an Interview.  The earlier I get your deposit the quicker I’m able to check your references, which are due by April 5 (or one week before your scheduled Interview).  Should you cancel your Interview or fail to show up, your $25 deposit is forfeited.  If you are NOT selected to be on the security crew, including being asked to be an Alternate, your full deposit WILL be refunded to you by mail.

The option of a phone interview is granted under extreme circumstances, very long distances, or if we receive your Application between the time of Interviews and Sonshine.  Honestly, your chances to make the team are MUCH MORE likely if you put forth the effort to come for an Interview.  It shows us you are committed and serious about working.  It also makes us more comfortable having met face to face.


 WHAT YOU RECEIVESonshine13-376

ALL members of the Sonshine Security Crew receive:

  • Free ticket to Sonshine (approx $90 value)
  • Free Premium RV pass ($35 value)
  • Backstage wristband
  • T-shirt that is yours to keep
  • An experience you will never forget!!

(Total approx value – $175)





*** Checkin and Arrival times are going to change. Stay tuned for finalized days and times. *** 

Available check-in times are Tue 3-4pm, Wed 9-10am and 1-2pm. All schedules, wristbands, t-shirts, and sweatshirts are handed out at check-in. Check-in location is the Sonshine13-15Security Trailers and Headquarters at the Security building. Please take advantage of one of the check-in times BEFORE your first shift. All $ (if any) is required at check-in.

Arrival time is no later than 1:30PM WEDNESDAY. Arrangements to arrive later MUST be made at least 7 days before Sonshine and approved by Jeff Quiggle. If you are not checked in by arrival time a $5 fine will be assessed, no excuses. For check-ins on later days please come to the Main Stage and ask any radioed security to call for Suzanne.

ALL CREWS will be required to work ALL FOUR days with LIMITED EXCEPTIONS. (WED-SAT) beginning 2pm Wednesday.



*** Security meeting time and location are going to change. Stay tuned for finalized days and times. ***

Sonshine13-22The Security meeting will take place on Wednesday at 2pm at the Security building. We’ll discuss what is expected for the weekend, meet the Supervisors, pray over the Festival and crew, and take our GROUP PICTURES. Each crew will receive specific instructions for their areas in several smaller meetings as well that will last until 4:30pm.  MOST of what used to be covered in our big meeting is now covered ONLY in your Sonshine paperwork emailed to you before Sonshine AND given to you at check-in.  Therefore we suggest you read ALL of your paperwork VERY closely.



  • Clothing for all types of weather! Expect the worst, both hot & cold and everything in-between.
  • Bring or buy a security sweatshirt; Jacket’s are available for sale too.
  • Flashlight: Make sure it works and have by dark. $5 fine for no flashlight after 9pm for all gate staff.Sonshine-518
  • Mosquito Spray: Count on tons of them and APPLY it BEFORE your evening shift begins!
  • Sun block: 2nd degree sunburn is no joke.
  • Lip balm or Chapstick: Apply it early and often.
  • Earplugs: It’s often louder than you expected.
  • Sunglasses: Bring two pair, just in case….
  • Clear Rain Poncho or Umbrella: Rain or shine, we work!
  • Water bottle: Drink lots of water or you’ll be sorry!!!! Get one that attaches at the waist.
  • Baseball cap: To protect your head from the intense sun.


Sonshine13-58WHERE TO STAY

You can either camp on the Festival grounds in Tent City or book a hotel room in town. Premium RV passes are available free to Security crew if requested.  Camping can be difficult for some when it comes to getting sleep, especially if you wish to work overnights. It can be loud, hot, and humid, and you run the risk of getting flooded. If you choose to stay in a hotel and enjoy the benefits of air conditioning, I suggest you get your reservations in early. Your signup for Sonshine includes a box to request a spot in a cabin room, but spaces are reserved mostly for SRT overnight crew and Supervisors. But, it can’t hurt to ask!



You ARE a representative of the Sonshine Festival for the ENTIRE weekend, and as such, you are expected to be people of the highest level of integrity and common sense. Your speech, attitudes, conduct, and behavior should NEVER reflect badly on Sonshine at any time.

If you want to “let go” and goof off SOME, we ask that you NOT be wearing your security shirt. You are also required to adhere to any and all policies set forth by Sonshine for all its attendees including, but not limited to, smoking, alcohol, quiet time at night, and fireworks.

Failure to carry out a direct order from a Supervisor will result in a fine and/or suspension. Though unlikely, I’m willing to send any security crew member packing for home if the situation warrants it. Any disagreements or differences of opinion over a Supervisor’s order should be brought to my attention immediately.

We prefer Security Crew members wear their security shirt when hanging out behind the Main Stage or in the security tent. You are permitted to wear street clothes ONLY in the VIP viewing area in front of Main Stage when you are not working or behind Main Stage when desiring to talk to artists backstage or get pictures with them.Sonshine-515

You are not allowed under/in the Artists Area Tent/Trailers EVER. You may approach and talk to Artists, but show restraint.  I would hate to see SRT have to give a beat down to another member of the security crew for pestering Artists!

Crew members in security shirts ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE PICTURES with artists or bands unless done so at the request of our security photographers. We’ve had some complaints about security crew posing for pictures with their favorite artists far too frequently. A $5 fine will be imposed for violations. Chatting with Artists is perfectly fine.

You may take pictures for people in the crowd as long as it does not interfere with your duties, you don’t get in the way of other security crew, and you limit it to one or two cameras. You MAY NOT accept money for taking pictures, and if you help out one person, be prepared to have many more cameras shoved in your face.



If you are NOT chosen to become an ACTIVE member of the Sonshine Security Crew, you could be selected as an Alternate. Alternates are ACTIVATED when cancellations occur within the crew after June. I’m normally adding 5-6 alternates to the crew even before July.

If you are still an Alternate at the beginning of Sonshine, Suzanne Anderson will text you if any no-shows have occurred and there is an opening for you. If added to the crew, you will get a t-shirt and the schedule of the person that has failed to arrive.

If your services are not required, you are free to enjoy the Festival. Your deposit/fee then covers that ONE GIVEN year and is NOT a lifetime deposit.  Alternates DO NOT receive a t-shirt, and only a LIMITED ACCESS backstage wristband. You may only use it in FRONT of the Main Stage to watch shows up close, not in back of the stage or under the pop tent.  A violation will result in a switch to a non-backstage wristband for the remainder of Sonshine.



Returning security crew members DO NOT fill out another Application or send in another deposit! Returning crew members must go to the Festival Signup Page NO EARLIER than March 1 and fill out the form after reading the Important Info tab. If you’ve been off crew MORE than 1 year you are NOT required to fill out an Application or Interview again but I would like to talk with you by phone. Signup like any of the current security on March 1. Upon signup you will be sent information concerning another $25 deposit due April 1.

It’s your responsibility to sign up online each year, and if you choose not to work, PLEASE let me know beginning March 1 using the NOT RETURNING form. I will send a courtesy e-mail reminder in late February to sign up for Sonshine, but if you’ve changed e-mail addresses, changed your name, or moved a few times, I may not find you.

The deadline for signing up to work is March 31.  After that, open positions will be filled by new recruits and you may lose your position on the crew for that year. More information on that matter can be found on the Sonshine Festival Signup Tab.



You will over the course of Sonshine have the use of a radio. You are FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for any radio and its accessories while they are in your possession. Radios ring up at $600 and earpieces/headsets at $100. Please treat ALL radios with the utmost TLC!

We understand that accidents do occur, so alert us to any radio problems. Clips snap, earpieces break, and the radios even chip. It is your responsibility to insure that your radio and accessories have been properly turned in ONLY to the Communications Supervisor or Asst. Supervisor and checked off, either daily or at the end of Saturday night.



Golf Carts and ATV’s have become necessary tools to carry out our responsibilities and cover a lot of ground quickly.  They are a privilege to operate, and that privilege can easily be revoked if their use is abused.  Examples of abuse include: excessive, dangerous speed, carrying more than four people on a cart, showing off, weaving through crowds or traffic, or operating at night without the use of a flashlight used as a headlight.  Acceptable speed should be determined by pedestrian traffic and daytime/nighttime visibility.  ATV’s are NOT allowed inside of the fenced ticket areas – exception: Overnight Midnight – 7am!  ATV’s are also NOT allowed to have passengers (such as family members) other than to transport them to/from your campsite or RV or on Tuesday prior to the start of Sonshine.  They are definitely NOT allowed to go on patrol with you.  ATV drivers should ALWAYS be wearing their Sonshine Security t-shirt or sweatshirt.