Local Events


We frequently are asked to assist with various other Christian concerts and events throughout the year. Although we are all volunteers, I expect the highest level of professionalism from each person. Promoters and Artists alike have come to expect the best from their tour stop in the Twin Cities. I expect each person to honor the commitments they have made to whichever shows by arriving ON TIME and working hard. If for any reason you are unable to fulfill your obligation I expect you to contact me as far in advance as possible. Please do not just skip the show or be late and expect me not to notice. It won’t happen, and it will cost you $10 (See below).

Do not just show up to work unless you’ve received a reply to your online request to work the show. Bring GLOVES if doing loadin/loadout. Security crew will perform a number of duties including checking tickets, backstage and front stage security. Assignments are given out at the Security meeting before the show. Security shirts will be provided and collected after the show.  Bring a flashlight please.

NON-SONSHINE Security crew (you’ve never officially joined the crew and paid your deposit of $25) have the option of joining the crew by submitting a deposit of $25.  Your deposit is your guarantee to honor any commitments you make to work events.  As a member of the crew you will also be added to our Facebook group and have the opportunity to receive free tickets to events and early notice of upcoming shows.  Non members will have to wait until all crew members have had a chance to volunteer for shows first. Popular shows often ONLY get worked by crew members.

You must also let me know if you can no longer make it to the show. Failure of ANYONE to show up for the duty you’ve committed to for any reason short of death will leave me very upset, and you will be charged $10, payable before you’re allowed to work another concert (Sonshine included). Yes, I take commitments seriously! Promoters and Band Managers are counting on us.

A Facebook Event site will be created for each show and you will be added to the group.  Any details or changes will be posted in the group.

There are currently no events scheduled.