About Us

Sonshine Security proudly boasts having the most professional, well-trained, fun-loving crew of security volunteers in the State of Minnesota. The crew is made up of individuals from all over the Upper Midwest that have a heart for God and a desire to provide top-notch security at little or no cost to promoters both large and small. We are committed to seeing quality Christian music remain affordable, partly due to our assistance. We have all seen first hand the power of Christian music and its ability to reach the lost (and the saved) for Jesus Christ. If you are sponsoring or promoting a Christian concert or event and would like to request the services of Sonshine Security, please fill out the Contact Us form and include your event info and date. I would be happy to discuss details on how we can serve you.

At the Sonshine Festival in Somerset, Wisconsin, we are responsible for the well being of a crowd of nearly 22,000, the security of over a hundred artists, and the peace of mind for countless thousands of overnight campers and their parents. We strive to gladly serve by answering questions, overseeing energetic music-loving crowds, and maintaining a safe and wholesome environment for everyone. At Sonshine, we have had the pleasure of working for and enjoying the biggest names in Christian music. For information about volunteering and becoming a part of the fabulous Security Crew simply check out the Contact Us page.

We also provide Security, Merchandise help, and Loadin/Loadout of equipment at a number of other Christian concerts throughout the year. We have participated in many big events, including the 1996 Billy Graham Crusade at the Metrodome and Jam Productions appearances of DCtalk, Third Day, Audio Adrenaline, Plus One, Delirious, Jennifer Knapp, Newsboys, the Supertones, Avalon, and Michael W Smith. For information regarding our upcoming events and how you can become involved, simply click on the Local Events page.

The Sonshine Security staff is made up of many dedicated, hard working individuals that give of their time and effort to insure the best crew is found, put to work, and rewarded. Great security does not happen by accident or luck. Sonshine Security is only as good as the volunteers it enlists. To me, there is no better group of people.


Serving Him,

Jeff Quiggle

Director of Security

Sonshine Festival