Sweatshirt and Jacket Order Form

Sonshine Security Sweatshirts are always popular with the crew, especially in the cool of the night and under clear ponchos in the rain. They are hooded with a front pocket and have “SECURITY” printed on the front and back.  Hoodies are available in a women’s cut as well.  They are available for purchase to security crew members only for $25, payable in cash at Sonshine. Your pre-order helps me to know what numbers of each size to bring to Sonshine. If you do not order a sweatshirt before Sonshine I can’t guarantee I will have extras for you.  Sonshine Security sweatshirts are for the exclusive use of security crew members only and may not be borrowed out or sold to friends or family. The person wearing the sweatshirt is looked upon as a member of the Sonshine Security crew by all at Sonshine. Security sweatshirts worn by non-security individuals could reflect badly on the crew.  We also have Security Jackets made with a warm cotton lining and rainproof exterior.  Security is printed only on the back.  They are $35.