Greg Nordin

Traffic Control Supervisor

I grew up in the Twin Cities, and began my journey to Sonshine with my youth group by biking the 100+ miles to Willmar. I joined the crew in 1994 as a member of the Backstage Crew. I was one of the lucky ones and avoided the whole interview process!
I became a Supervisor in 2000 and helped run the SRT crew for 13 years. I then decided to take a year off. I returned in 2014 as a member of the SRT crew to spread my knowledge to the rookies that year. Now with the move to Somerset, I will be overseeing Traffic.
I have also been the Director of Communications since 2008. Working Security for Sonshine has been a passion for me since I became a member of the crew. I feel a calling to help provide a safe environment for those that attend the Festival.