The reason Sonshine Security is the best in the Nation is because of the loving servants that work it! Their hearts for God and His people are so beautiful and shine in all that they do!! Sonshine didn’t turn out as I had planned, but God certainly had His hands in it and used a few special people on the crew to touch my heart!! I love you and am praying for u always!! Those of you that stood in the gap for me, thank you soooo much!!! Those of you who matched my stubbornness with your own and actually got me to rest, kudos and thank you, too! You’ve done what many before have tried and failed miserably at!! Lol!! For those that I didn’t get a chance to meet and hug, hope to see you at local events or next Sonshine!!! God please abundantly bless these amazing men and women of God!!!
-Tracy Fuller, Backstage Crew

Once again, it’s so hard to put my feelings into words. This last week was so amazing in so many ways. Yes, the music was awesome as it always is. Far above that however is the fellowship and the great times I had with all of you. I’m again so humbled and honored to be part of such and incredible group of people. I also want to say a special thanks for the wonderful way my husband Dana was welcomed into your fold, even though he is not part of of the crew you all welcomed him in. Thank each and every one of you so much!
-Wendy Frank