Crew Descriptions

Backstage Security Requirements

Members of this crew will work four 2 hour shifts each day at either the Main Stage or other Stages. (except HM) Shifts begin at 7am and run until the Main Stage has finished. Responsibilities include checking wristbands or vehicle passes of those entering the Main Stage Backstage, assisting with autograph lines, or checking tickets/wristbands at the Main Entrance.  If you like shorter 2 hour shifts at a variety of locations that don’t require long hours of standing, this crew is for you. Each person is asked to name their top 2 bands (ones they can’t miss).  I will try my best to design a schedule based on your band choices and any additional schedule requests you make in your signup.

 Campground Security Requirements

Members of this crew work 8am – 6pm daily and is comprised of the more outgoing, energetic, “people” persons.  Their responsibility is to maintain security, answer questions, be observant for illegal activities, confront problem campsites, and display good public relational skills in the Campground areas.  You’ll also assist campers in locating their camp sites upon arrival at Sonshine and monitor that sites are set up properly according to policies. You and a partner will be assigned an area to be patrolled using a bicycle, ATV, or on foot.  Bicycles and ATV’s are NOT PROVIDED so you would need to bring your own.

Strategic Response Team Requirements

Members of this crew work daily 12 hour shifts, either during the day or overnight, handling a wide variety of tasks including crowd control, artist protection, traffic control, merchandise transport, and entrance security. It’s normally reserved for the more experienced crew members with the size, attitude, and ability to handle situations of a more difficult nature.  You are available by radio to any of the other crews that might encounter individuals or problems they find uncomfortable dealing with or resolving.  If you don’t like to be stationed in one place, prefer being active, and enjoy physically challenging security and situations, this crew is for you.