Position Duties

*** Position duties will change. Stay tuned for finalized days and times. ***


  • Check all incoming vehicle passengers for wristbands
  • All passengers must have a wristband to enter tent city to camp
  • Vehicles with passengers without wristbands are asked “Where are you from?”
  • Check driver’s license to verify response
  • Local residents are told that tickets will be available for sale at 8am the following morning
  • All others should be told that tickets must be purchased by 10am the following morning
  • Call for a golf cart to follow car to tent site to record location for next day check



  • Check everyone (each person) for a backstage wristband
  • Wristband must be worn on wrist – duh!
  • Pay close attention to the wristband for fakes or taped up wristbands
  • Look under long sleeves in cold or rain. Don’t assume!
  • Security or stage crew shirt alone is not good enough
  • Keep the area clear for golf cart traffic (including your own feet)



  • Check ALL incoming vehicles for parking pass
  • Find out who the bus or semi is carrying and alert Main Stage Supervisor.
  • Keep the middle and right front fenceline free of all vehicles so buses can maneuver more easily. Send all cars except shuttles to side lot.Sonshine13-217
  • All bands should already have their parking pass and wristbands, etc. Send all that do not (except for large buses) around to Sonshine office tent off main Civic Center parking lot.
  • Inform road managers where the artist area is and where to get passes if they need to. You may accompany them to Artist area.
  • Take turns going to Front Stage to catch bands from 7-9 and 9-end only!



When given someone that came over the wall:

  • Make sure their footing is solid before walking them out.
  • Don’t rush them especially if they are weak in the knees.
  • Determine if they might need medical attention. Look into their eyes. Ask them if they’re OK. If you feel they’re not, bring them to EMS people on either side.
  • They can’t stay backstage and must be walked out the Front Gate or Side Gate.
  • When walking people out of backstage:
  • Hold on to them!  Stay with people you’ve been given until they are out the gate. Don’t just send them in that direction.
  • Have your flashlight ready to help people see clear path out.

Stand where you’re assigned against the snow fence facing the crowd when nothing is happening. Do not get in the way of SRT working platforms. When someone is being pulled over the wall back up towards the stage so you don’t get kicked or stepped on. Stay spread out to insure all areas are covered when one of you is needed.  Help wherever necessary. Don’t attempt to give water, either cups or bottles, to the  crowd. You can’t get it to everybody.


  • Both right and left sides are for both Pit Pass holders and Backstage wristband wearers.
  • Check EVERYONE for either a backstage wristband or a Pit Pass Lanyard.
  • Those with a Pit Pass lanyard should be directed to move closer and in front of Backstage wristband wearers.  Assist if necessary.



  • Stick to your assigned platform area unless your help is needed at another platform temporarily. Return to your platform ASAP
  • Surfers can come over the wall at any time. Be looking at all times, especially between bands
  • If someone genuinely feels they need to be pulled over the wall, better to do so than not.
  • Be wary however of those jumping over the wall for sport or to avoid going out through the crowd like everyone else.
  • Be careful not to injure yourself or crowd surfers on metal stakes
  • Make sure surfers are set down gently with solid footing. Pass them directly to one of the Front Stage Asst.
  • Do not stand on the platform and needlessly block the crowds’ view of the stage unless you need to pull a surfer over the wall



  • Take up positions around the OUTSIDE of the crowd, going in only if necessary to break up anything too unruly.
  • Be watching for concert goers requesting assistance for injuries or altercations in the crowd.
  • If you’ve been assigned to monitor any pits that develop, go into the crowd on your assigned side to watch for them.
  • Watch to ensure surfers safely come down to the ground.  If there is any indication they did not, get in there to check them out.
  • Assist with the removal of individuals needing medical attention. They may be on ground or surfing. If they can walk, SLOWLY assist them to the EMS tent.  If not, carry them slowly to the EMS tent.  If critically injured, leave the person where they are and get help from EMS.  Let them transport back to EMS.
  • Drink plenty of water before going into crowd and bring a bottle with you as well!



  • Be available for crowd control and emergency situations
  • Monitor those going onto the stage – backstage wristbands ONLY
  • Ask Supervisor for any further instructions.



  • No surfing/stage diving on the concreteSonshine13-368
  • Keep people off the stage
  • No spiked bracelets, collars, etc. in the pit
  • Don’t fling/spray water – it makes the concrete slippery
  • Shirts must be on in the pit – security and otherwise
  • Pick up anyone who falls
  • For pit dancers keep the pit wide – for moshers keep it tight
  • Watch for signals in the pit
  • Take any bleeders out of the building – if bad take them to EMS
  • Do NOT preach about “Unchristian” behavior – if you see it happening grab a Supervisor
  • If a fight starts pull them aside and calm them down
  • Keep your own temper in check at ALL times!
  • Drink lots of water!! At least 45 minutes before starting and also between shows – a cooler for your water bottle is backstage
  • Don’t be a hero – if you start to feel queasy/dizzy signal us and get out
  • Rest/hang out between shows
  • Smile and enjoy yourself!



  • Relax behind the signing table in the civic center when no bands are signing. When a band is signing, go to ends of the table and regulate traffic in front. Keep the line moving and do not allow anyone to go behind the table ever unless ok’d by road manager.
  • A Supervisor will radio you with updates of bands signing and their times for you to put on the whiteboard (neatly)
  • Cooler should be kept full of water bottles for bands only!
  • White fan, ext chord, cooler, sharpies, whiteboard, markers, eraser – all supplies – should be stored under the Sonshine t-shirt booth at the end of the night. Do not just leave it all sitting there when signing table is done for the night!!!!!!!!!!!!