Code of Conduct


The following are examples of misconduct or delinquency that may result in disciplinary measures, including immediate dismissal from the Sonshine Security crew. This is not, nor meant to be, a complete list of examples of misconduct or delinquency.

  • Disorderly conduct, including using abusive or offensive language;
  • Intimidating by words or actions, fighting, or participating in disruptive activities that interfere and undermine the Security crew at the Sonshine Festival, or any other concert;
  • Failing to maintain a respectful and helpful attitude in all work endeavors;
  • Being insubordinate; or failure to carry out assignments or responsibilities;
  • Being involved in theft, vandalism, criminal conduct, immoral conduct, or any other breach of a trust and/or integrity, whether on or off duty.
  • Being excessively absent or tardy, as determined by the Head of Security;
  • Engaging in a course of conduct that adversely affects the reputation of Sonshine Security or Sonshine Music Festival;
  • Improper use of ATV’s or golf carts, including excessive speed, reckless driving, or failure to use a flashlight for visibility;
  • Leaving a post or responsibility unattended without consent of a Supervisor;
  • Being in the Artist trailer and dining area without express permission of a Supervisor and a specific purpose for being there.