Sonshine Festival Application

Greetings Sonshine Security Applicants!!

Sonshine-605Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Sonshine Security Crew.  This is your opportunity to contribute to the overall success of the Sonshine Festival, and is the experience of a lifetime!  The Security Crew is our extended family, and I wish you the best of luck in your efforts to join our team.

While our numbers change each year, we normally accept about 30-40 rookies out of the 100 Applications we receive each year.  Before filling out the Application at the bottom, take some time to familiarize yourself with the guidelines that are found in Policies/General Information and the Crew Descriptions under the Info tab.  Hint: You are responsible for knowing this information and you’ll be questioned on them at your interview.

The info you’ve just read will show you to what to expect working Sonshine Security, what is required of you, and basically how we do things.  Become VERY familiar with this information.  Don’t ask any questions until you have thoroughly looked through the entire website for your answers.

Fill out the Application in a clear, concise, and well spoken manner.  We place great importance on your ability to follow directions and to fill out an Application with clarity, good punctuation, and good spelling.  Basically, appear like you’ve had an education.  You will also need to have e-mail addresses for two references, neither of which can be immediate family (No spouse, children, or parents) or another Applicant (someone applying to work the same year).  E-mail addresses are REQUIRED for each Reference! Also, please remember to write down your References names in case you forget who you’ve listed.  You may be asked to contactSonshine-520 them if they don’t fill out the Reference Form for you in a timely manner.  References are ALL done by sending an email link to be filled out online.

Once your Application is submitted, you will receive further instructions about an Interview. Interviews are scheduled beginning in March and are held in early April before a panel of six Sonshine Security Supervisors.

Once again, good luck!


Sonshine Security Application

 Sonshine Security is not accepting applications at this time. If you have questions or have interest in joining the crew, please visit our Contact Us page.